What we do?
Balanced mobile solutions.
Just perfect as is.

Fevernova's philosophy lies much deeper than just in the mobile development and writing clean and bug free code.
We mean to hear your ideas while they don't even come yet to your mind. Our passion is to be on the wave of technologies picking and constructing only suitable solutions for each project.
If you'd ask us to describe ourselves in two words we would use the famous saying for that:
«It's perfect just as is»
It means that we put all our creativity, skills and knowledges to develop a balanced product. When you will see it and check it, you won't come up with the idea to change something in it.
Eye-catching design created with accuracy and precision according to the latest trends, clear structure of the app, optimized code and meeting the deadlines guarantee successful launch of the app.
We are Fevernova. Your personal guide to the world of mobile solutions. Bring innovations to your life. Simplify the complex to the optimal with us. Enjoy the results.


Be confident to write us. We are open to your ideas.

Kharkiv, Ukraine